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Lipo Injections as an Alternative to Liposuction Surgery

For years regular liposuction surgery had been considered as a safe procedure, if compared to other heavy surgery such as heart surgery. However, liposuction surgery is increasingly considered as a “heavy” surgery as more and more non-invasive methods for eliminating fatty tissue are introduced. The trends in cosmetic fat treatment are by choosing an affordable, safe, simple, painless and effective procedure.

Liposuction surgery may not appropriate for those who want to remove a small deposit of layers in a specific body areas, such as the chin. A simpler method is required to quickly remove small fat layers easily and cheaply.
Lipo injections are introduced to easily remove small amount of fat deposits on patients body, by injecting fat-dissolving solution. There are currently two types of Lipo Injections used today. Lipodissolve is highly popular in North America, while Mesotherapy is widely used in Europe and South America. Both involve injecting solution to the patient’s fat layer to immediately dissolve it. The solution is usually consisted of vitamins, amino acids, drugs, enzymes and other components that are intended to dissolve fats safely and effectively.
Compare to regular liposuction surgery, the complication is usually minimal, patient may experience slight swelling and minor skin irritations. Other effects include burning sensations or in a few cases allergic reactions to the solution. Just like any procedures, the patient is screened thoroughly to ensure that he/she can undergo the procedure safely. If a clinic doesn’t require you to follow a screening process, then look elsewhere.

Seven Benefits of Mesotherapy Compared to Regular Liposuction Surgery

Invasive liposuction surgery has been known to have longer recovery time, as the incision may take weeks or sometimes to heal. There are many alternatives to liposuction, for example mesotherapy, which was invented by Michel Pistor, a French physician.
Mesotherapy basically involves injections using vitamins, minerals and homeopathic solutions to dissolve fat layers in your body. The injected solution will react on the mesoderm layer of your skin, destroy fatty cells, by rupturing the membranes which in turn force the fat to dissolve and taken out by the lymphatic system. The aim of this therapy is to excrete fats safely out of your body.
Mesotherapy can be a good alternative to regular liposuction because the procedure doesn’t need the involvement of full-time surgeon. Regular liposuction is quite aggressive in human body as it directly takes away your fatty tissues, a procedure that can cause many complications. It is expensive and may take plenty of time to heal. While mestherapy is quite simple as it is basically non-invasive and require no or almost no healing period. The procedure is painless and considerably cheaper.
These are the main benefits of mesotherapy compared to regular liposuction surgery:

1. The procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical
2. It requires no incision
3. Only requires topical anesthesia
4. Little bruises and discomfort inflicted
5. No girdles or bandages required
6. Have significant effect on cellulite reduction
7. Bring a smoother result on patient’s skin

Mesotherapy is a highly successful procedure to date. You may need a total of 3 to 5 therapies depending on your body weight and shape; while even the best liposuction procedure may leave a few permanent scars on your body. According to the experience, the fatty deposit won’t grow back.

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BodyJet Lipo as an Alternative to Common Liposuction

A technician will apply gentle jets of water into a body location that need a treatment to remove and dislodge the fatty tissue with a little tube known as a cannula which is stuck in just below your skin. A pulsating fluid splits up fatty tissue from under your skin immediately as the water is sprayed. The procedure causes minimal irritation with quicker and likely give better outcomes. Body-Jet is actually a "gentle liposuction" method used in three phases: Infiltration, then Aspiration and finally Drying

What locations will be treated with Body-Jet liposuction?
Just any locations with too much fatty tissue can get Body-Jet lipo. Many need Body-Jet to deal with serious fat deposits in thighs, knees, knees, hips, chin and under the arms. Since the treatment is fast with minimum downtime, Body-Jet patients frequently choose to treat many places in the same procedure.

How long will it take for me to recuperate completely from Body Jet lipo?
It is almost non-invasive and consequently patients feel better while having much quicker recovery periods than those who go through contemporary liposuction. As a matter of fact, a lot of Body Jet patients experience a nearly pain free procedure and are excited at how fast they may get back to routine activity like exercising or working.

Is BodyJet irreversible?
Adipose cells eliminated with BodyJet can't return. Usually, the future fat deposit is spread in other places in your physical body.

Is Bodyjet the best for me?
The perfect candidate in using Body Jet liposuction is those who are healthy and less than twenty-five pounds overweight. Those with exercise resistant, localized fatty spots will get the greatest results. If you want to shed fatty tissue with a nearly non-invasive treatment than typical plastic surgery, Body-Jet might be appropriate for you. Talk to your health advisor to find out if Body-Jet is appropriate for your condition.

The Danger of Traditional Liposuction Procedure

Foremost, just like any kind of surgical procedure, you will find the possibility of infections. it happens when a non-closed wound can't heal sufficiently, and germ begins to get into the unhealed location. A mild complication may cause a good deal of discomfort and annoyance, while a serious complication can be fatal.
Embolism is one kind of complication that can escalate. Embolism takes place when escaped fatty tissue seeps into your blood stream via the perforated artery. Blood vessels can be perforated in surgical procedure. The fatty tissue then moves into your blood stream to different areas of your physical structure like the brain or the lungs. Embolism can cause handicap or in the chronic case, is life threatening.
In the event of surgical procedure, visceral perforations can happen. It's a medical phrase for bruised tissues during a surgical procedure. As a surgical procedure goes on, a surgeon can't see where a probe is, and can wind up wounding your organ. If it occurs, further procedure can be necessary to restore the wounded organs. Seriously wounded organs can even cause death.
And after the liposuction surgical procedure, you may have skin sphacelus. Your skin right on top of the liposuction area is dead and begins to fall away. It, in turn, can cause complication.
These are a few instances of the problems that are related to liposuction. People not only need to pay up significantly for additional surgery charges, they also need to tackle a lot of risks after a surgery.

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Laser as Liposuction Surgery Alternative

In the early test of its type, Massachusetts scientists employed a laser beam to shred fatty tissue, a noninvasive method that may one day allow one alternative to liposuction.

A 1,210 nm laser beam with deviated energy intensity of seventy, eighty, and ninety J/cm2 on ten millimeter spots on the stomachs of twenty-four adult subjects with local anaesthesia. Biopsies were done at exposed and control places at either 1 to four days or 4 to 7 weeks. NBTC (Nitroblue tetrazolium chloride) spotting was employed to confirm for thermal impairment to fatty tissue.

Laser beam sessions were dreadful and, for a few individuals, were further impaired by misfunction of contact cooling system. At 1 to 3 days following exposure, a deprivation of Nitroblue tetrazolium chloride spotting was discovered pointing damages to adipose cells,even or there was also thermal damages to the skin, thought to be attributed to the cooling misfunction, discovered in 2 of fourteen subjects. At 4 to 7 weeks following the exposure, the scientists discovered lipo-membranous alterations to the adipose tissue in eighty-nine percent of test spots and, amazingly, thirty-three percent of un-exposed control spots, which they thought caused by handpiece pressure making tissue ischaemia.

Clinical tests are deserved, using lengthier exposures, more effective skin cooling, and bigger exposure areas compared to tested in current pilot histologic research. Pain reduction will be crucial in these studies

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How Lipo Alternative Wrap Work?

The Wrap's elements diffuses deep onto the sub-dermal levels of the skin to eradicate the toxins stashed away in the fat cells. The physical structure is fashioned to employ fat cells as control to defend the human body from the damages you come across each day in the food you eat up, the air you respire, and the poisonous substance you come in reach with.

As the consequence, the fat cells spring up to become 10 000 times the standard size, becoming unwantedly swollen with toxic materials - and frequently seeming cottage crummy and discoloured. The Liposuction Alternative instigates a technique known as lymphatic drainage which allows the swollen fat cells to contract and the toxic materials to be expelled back into the capillaries and then leave the system.

Why People Seek Liposuction Alternatives?

A lot of individuals prefer to get liposuction. There's a rationality why it's the most favored surgical treatment in 2005 according to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). A lot of of the same individuals are worried with the discomfort, dangers and recuperation periods related to to the surgical cosmetic treatment such as liposuction. It is where the pursue on the liposuction alternative commences. Are there genuinely alternatives for liposuction that are either efficient and dependable?

Liposuction has been employed in the society of as body shaping treatment after the seventies. The liposuction treatment work to take away fatty tissue from these locations:

* Belly
* Thighs
* Knee joint
* Hip joint
* Cheeks
* Neck

Liposuction goes with the usual dangers related to with surgical process. A few are insignificant yet a few outstanding dangers exist especially if anesthesia is used. Recuperation period is also a factor based on where you want the fat taken away . Those issues drive the expectation for a sensible liposuction alternative.

The most general and reasonable liposuction alternative circles around shifting the life-style to a healthier one. Dieting and physical exertion are an important part of fatty tissue reduction. A few individuals have the motivation and the discipline that permit those people to be successful in this particular field but other services incline to go so far and attain an apex when it relates to fatty tissue reduction. Individuals worried with particular locations of the physical structure like the belly or the neck probably discover that they can not get rid of that final bit of fatty tissue regardless how grueling they workout and how few they eat.

For individuals who genuinely want to eliminate redundant fatty tissue without any surgical procedure, you've few alternatives to select from. You have to be well-advised though that the consequences may not be as instantaneous as real liposuction. They do assist you to bring down discomfort, dangers, recuperation period and spending.